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Father Christmas - 35 cents 1991 - Canadian stamp

Father Christmas 1991 - Canadian stamp


  • Quantity: 70 000 000
  • Issue date: October 23, 1991
  • Printer: Ashton-Potter Limited
  • Scott: #1342


Children the world over know him by many different names and dressed in various garbs, but there is no doubt that our Santa Claus brings countless joy to million of youngsters during the festive Yuletide season each year. This year Canada Post Corporation's Christmas quartet of stamps is paying homage to him with designs depicting four classical images of the famous "man in red". The stamps, in denominations of the three most commonly used values of domestic rate, U.S. rate and international rate stamps, plus a special "Greet More" rate of 35 were issued on October 23, 1991, well in time for sending Christmas greetings and packages around the world. The very multicultural make-up of Canada today lends credence to the fact that the jolly old gentleman will be remembered according to one's ethnic background and upbringing. And each character in its own way symbolizes the real purpose and meaning of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ. The 35 incentive rate stamp features Great Britain's Father Christmas. Unlike most other versions, his character evolved from pagan festivals which were held around the time of the winter solstice, which coincided with the Christian celebration of Christmas. As the old tale goes, he rode a donkey or a goat from feast to feast during the 12 days of Christmas. Wherever he visited, he left gifts for the stockings and a Yule for the hearth. The series was designed by Steven Slipp of Halifax, who created the Bishop Inglis stamp in 1988. His Santa designs are based on characters made from torn paper. Then he had the collage-like paper images scanned by a computer and digitally reduced to the proper stamp size. Combining traditional art with the latest in technology, Slipp's ingenuity marks the first time that final artwork for a Canadian stamp is simply a computer disk!
Canada Post Corporation. Canada's Stamps Details, No. 4, 1991, p. 8-10.


Designed by Steven Slipp

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