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Some defects on a stamp lower the value of it.

SP - Short perf or Short Perforation

When a portion of the perforation tip is still present, but is not as long as it should be.

Stamp - Wear - SP - Short Perforation

PP - Pulled perf or Pulled perforation

A stamp where the perforation tip is missing completely.

Stamp - Wear - PP - Pulled perforation

SE - Straight edge

A philatelic term for when one or more edges of a stamp do not have perforations. Not to be confused with a coil stamp (always has two edges without perforations), a booklet stamp (can have one, two or three edges without perforations) or an imperforate stamp (which has no perforations).

Stamp - Wear - SE - Straight edge

RP - Reperfing or Reperforated

A stamp which has had perforations added or modified after leaving the post office. Perhaps the single most common fake in any collection is the reperfed stamp.


A stamp with an area where some of the paper is thinner than the remainder of the stamp.


Stamp - Wear - Crease(s)

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