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International Co-operation Year - 5 cents 1965 - Canadian stamp

International Co-operation Year 1965 - Canadian stamp


  • Quantity: 26 660 000
  • Issue date: March 3, 1965
  • Printer: Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited.
  • Perforation: 12
  • Scott: #437

International Co-operation Year - 5 cents 1965 prices and values

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International Co-operation Year - 5 cents 1965 $0.02 $0.04 $0.07 $1.00
International Co-operation Year - 5 cents 1965 $0.03 $0.05 $0.09
International Co-operation Year - 5 cents 1965 $0.05 $0.10 $0.18


On November 21, 1963, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution whereby the year 1965, the 20th year of the establishment of the United Nations, would be designed as International Co-operation Year. The Assembly called upon all member countries to publicize the activities of international co-operation in which they were engaged and to draw up plans to promote the objectives of International Co-operation Year. Canada was a member of the preparatory committee for this project. Before 1965, Canada has issued several postage stamps honouring United Nations activities and once again joined other member nations, this time in producing a special stamp to mark International Co-operation Year. The stamp shows two hands clasped, a symbol of international co-operation, surrounded by the United Nations Wreath. Canada's maple leaf is shown in a quadrangle symbolizing Canada as a link between other countries in the furtherance of international co-operation. Canadian projects in this field included the Canadian Mysore project, developed during the Freedom from Hunger Campaign, a library project in Tanganyika, the opening of International House for foreign students at the University of Toronto, and the establishment of reception and welfare services for other foreign students and trainees in 25 cities across Canada.


Designed by Harvey Thomas Prosser
Picture engraved by Yves Baril
Lettering engraved by Donald J. Mitchell.

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